Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Well, that's the end of that

Last day of work today. Something of an anti-climax.

I suppose that's always the way.

There was some confusion over whether there would be a "presentation" or not. I had been pretty sure there wouldn't, but last night (leaving drinks) they said there would be. I didn't ask - I was asked if I had a speech prepared and I said no, because I doubted that anyone would have bothered to organise one.

Then about quarter to four today, one of the guys came over and was all, "No-one's done anything, so you should just go home." Which seemed to be some sort of cue for everyone else to start up about how there was a card but no-one knew where it was and oh hey there's a envelope of coins, do I just want to take it and run? and oh wait, there's a card? we haven't seen that!

At this point I was feeling very ~menstrual~, and I haven't had much sleep for the past several days, and there was the growing horror of the dawning realisation that every one there (which wasn't that many; loads of meetings and training course today) either felt sorry for me or was enjoying my discomfort.

It was horribly awkward and embarrassing, and then someone from support sent an email asking for an update on something and I swear to fuck I almost replied entirely in eff-words. My options were limited: leave as fast as possible, or have a craaaawling-in-my-skin moment. That or punch someone; I'm not sure which of the last two would be worse, but I'll go with the first because at least I'd maintain some credibility if I punched someone.

So I said goodbye to a few people and legged it.

I have no idea what they'll do with all the coins. Maybe pay someone's bonus next year.

Oh well, upwards and onwards, I guess. Or at least, along if not up.

Monday, 22 August 2011

In which a tone is set

Last full week at work. Six days to go and counting.

Pre-PMT started. Feels like I am carrying and extra litre or so of fluid with me - in my bra. Ow. 

This is what I get for wanting bigger breasts when I was thirteen. This is my punishment. 

I suppose I could start the diet/exercise regime that I have been promising I will go on for the past five years, but where the fun in that? Besides if I'm to start exercising I need new trainers. 

Should have gone shoe shopping a couple of weeks ago. I hear I could have got them for a steal

Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week.